Housing development with harbour view

Inland Homes has a strong team of experts including architects, designers, planners, ecologists and engineers who are supported and managed by a Senior Management Team and, finally, our Board of Directors. 

The Board’s main roles are to approve and review the Group’s strategic objectives and to ensure that the necessary financial and other resources are made available to enable it to meet these objectives. Specific responsibilities reserved to the Board include: setting Group strategy; reviewing operational and financial performance; approving certain land acquisitions; approving appointments to the Board; and approving policies relating to Directors’ remuneration.

For more information on Board members responsibilities see Our Governance

  • Terry Roydon

    Terry Roydon

    Non-executive Chairman

    Terry’s main responsibility is to ensure that the Board runs effectively and acts as the Board’s principal contact with the CEO.

  • Stephan Wicks

    Stephen Wicks

    Chief Executive

    Stephen’s responsibility as Chief Executive focuses on implementing the short and longer term strategy of the Group and other key issues determined by the Board.

  • Nishith Malde

    Nishith Malde

    Group Finance Director

    Nishith plays a key role in developing, monitoring and evaluating corporate strategy and has overall responsibility for all financial related activities of the Group.

  • Paul Brett

    Paul Brett

    Land Director

    Paul is responsible for identifying, evaluating and presenting land opportunities to the Board for approval as well as negotiating Section 106 agreements.

  • Simon Bennett

    Simon Bennett

    Non-executive Director

    Simon monitors the corporate governance process through his membership of the Audit Committee (of which he is Chairman) and of the Remuneration Committee. He also provides guidance on Stock Exchange regulations.